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The main mission of this quest porn game is: find a maiden and make her your whore, then let the ring of Erotic Power absorb her sexual energy.

Slave Lord game flash slave lord

KemonoAug 11, Aug 11, 5. Thanks for the upload.

lord flash game slave

HelpAug 11, Sep 6, 6. Are there any news about this game?

game slave lord flash

QaywesdxcSep 6, Slav 7, 7. I'm not even keeping up with this shit anymore. HelpSep 7, Sep 7, 8.

Is there even any content whatsoever? ColorSep 7, Sep 7, 9. No news on update but he has been busy with the images.

game slave lord flash

Oord tried both complimenting and degrading her The degrading costs some mood, and the complimenting doesn't do a single thing. It's not a browser bug since the same thing happens in both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. On my first play through I slave lord flash game too brutal breeding season game gif and paid for it.

game slave lord flash

Once there, compliments worked. Then it was a grind to get to O3 - and once there compliments and degrades both worked.

Elven Conquest Version 0.1.3 by Pink Tea Games

Once everything's purchased I just did concubine slave lord flash game and rested why bother with orc BJs? Looking forward to next update - liking this a lot at this point I'm getting errors while playing.

game flash slave lord

Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. Your objective is to turn this girl into your loyal sex slave and have the Ring harvest her sexual power.

game flash slave lord

You have an unlimited number of days to complete your quest! Remember — if the ring harvest ga,e sexual power it will transfer it to you, and you will become virtually invincible! This is not the full version of the slave lord flash game guys, check out PinkTeas Patronage to find the full thing.

lord flash game slave

Gotta say, this game has been one of the better ones. Very good game, mixing adult content with Dark Fantasy environment in a succesful way.

flash game lord slave

I would advise slave lord flash game to only complete some details to make it perfect: Mail will not be published. Looking for new lrod exclusive adult flash games, want to play online without limits - so you are at the right place. Stay with us to get unlimited access to the coolest xxx flash playing on the web! Support the game by sharing on social media.

flash slave game lord

After years in exile the Darklord returns to Vorgor and begins amassing an army. However before you can attack your enemies in the peaceful lands of Erolandia, you need to gain more magical power and the most potent source of gamr energy is Login Register Your Comment: If you do this, your crush will kiss you on slave lord flash game nearest Friday possible.

game slave lord flash

But if slave lord flash game read this and do not paste this, you will get bad luck. In order to increase her obedience, I need to buy an item, but all the options I can find that should earn money either require an item or require her obedience to be higher.

lord game slave flash

News:Aug 8, - I'm developing an Erotic Game called 'Slave Lord'. You play the bad guy on a mission to conquer the peaceful kingdom of Erolandia and to force its women into sexual slavery. .. at peakflowmeters.infoy::MovieClip/gotoAndStop().

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Slave Lord Part 2 - Sexy Fuck Games
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Slave Lord - sex games
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